Dr. Who Tattoos:

Dr. Who is a science fiction show that has been produced by the BBC since 1963. It is a cult favorite show around the world that features, aliens, robots, time travel, and space exploits.

The Doctor (various versions), the Tardis, space whales, Rose, and various villains are popular designs for Dr. Who tattoos. Dr. Who tattoos are often done in American traditional style, neo traditional, realism, black and grey, and watercolor.

Watercolor space whale by Carl Caracia at Orange Tattoo Co.
Neo traditional Rose and wolf done by Pete Larkin at Kyklops Tattoo in Pittsburgh.
Watercolor and script with Tardis and star dust by Tom Cutsinger at Eternal Tattoo in Columbus NE.
The 10th Doctor and Tardis by Jay Joree in Dallas Tx.
Traditional Tardis by Ernesto Visser.
Brilliant realistic half sleeve of space and the Tardis by Neil England at Empire Tattoo in Boston.
Tardis and angels by Nicole Auletto at Dollhouse Tattoo Parlour in Glendora NJ.
Watercolor and blackwork piece by Peta Jamieson.
Realistic half sleeve of Tardis with space background by Teresa Sharp in Richmond VA.
Tardis in vincent Van Gogh style by Victoria Rose Lundberg at Wild Heart Tattoo in Brisbane.

Fans are extremely dedicated to the show, which is evident from their brilliant tattoos, conventions, pop up shops, cinema screenings, and even symphonic tours around the world.

Deadpool Tattoos

Deadpool (Wade Wilson, Merc With The Mouth, Regenerating Degenerate) is the hilariously violent Marvel anti-hero. The first appearance of Deadpool was in 1990 in an issue of “The New Mutants” where he was originally portrayed as a supervillain. Since then Deadpool has progressed to the role of wise cracking, smart ass, violent anti-hero. It has taken a long time, but the world has finally gotten a Deadpool movie, starring Ryan Reynolds. Here are a few of the best Deadpool tattoos!

Kevin Furness
Realistic Deadpool done by Kevin Furness at Seven Tattoo Studio, Las Vegas.
Braden Long at Warlocks in Raleigh
Loveable baby Deadpool done by Braden Long at Warlocks in Raleigh.
Ashley Sorenson BioFX Tattoo
Great use of white space in this comic book version of Deadpool by Ashley Sorenson at BioFX Tattoo.
Bili vegas
Dark, realistic, angry Deadpool done by Bili Vegas at Tattoo Afterlife.
Zach, instagram @artistic_prick
Comic book, realistic Deadpool done by Zach at Artistic Prick Tattoos. A lot of detail packed into this piece!
Jerred Kincaid
Cartoon Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, and Pirate Deadpool done by Jerred Kincaid at Tiger Rose Tattoo.

What’s your favorite Deadpool moment?